Oil and Water by, Lara Ann Dominick.

Oil and Water by, Lara Ann Dominick.

I was kindly sent a copy of this book by the author, Lara Ann Dominick in exchange for an honest review.

Anyone who knows me knows I love all things Vampire! My obsession started when I was a young girl and a friend introduced me to the Blade movies and I’ve been fascinated ever since! So, when Lara asked me if I wanted to review her book I was thrilled and was very excited to read it.

I can happily report that Oil and Water has not disappointed this die hard vampire loving book reviewer!

It’s full of unexpected twists that you will not see coming. Each chapter is more intense than the last leaving you desperate for more and trust me, you will find it incredibly hard to put this book down (I know I did).

The characters are incredibly relatable (the human ones obviously) and you can’t help but let yourself become fully invested in them. Lara’s writing style makes you feel their emotions and you’ll find yourself imagining that you’re right there beside them experiencing everything first hand. I found myself perched on the edge of my seat, on more than one occasion.

This story starts off with two different stories running along side each other which eventually join up (can’t say much more without ruining the big reveal, sorry!).

It’s not often that I say this but, the ending was absolute perfection! It ties everything off nicely which leads me to believe that their won’t be a sequel. However, if there is one, I would definitely read it.

I would highly recommend this book to every vampire loving reader out there, they definitely won’t be disappointed.
Due to some of the content I would recommend this book for readers aged 16+.

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